NMS Photography Staff Job Description

National Modeling Showcase is a traveling showcase/fashion show for models, actors
and performers. The showcases’ purpose is to be a platform for aspiring artist. We need
you to help capture the footage from the events and independent shoots for marketing of
the national showcases.

For every job or assignment we will assign a spec sheet. Each spec sheet is for either 4 to
6 hours. With only a portion of that being with the model, the remainder is for your
upload. The spec also has information about the shoot, model, attire or product. The goal
is not to finish the assignment in the time frame given.

The great thing is that you can schedule the shoot according to what works for you, we
have a ten day window in case of inclement weather or scheduling conflicts. The spec
sheet also has information about the model and or products. We do not specify a time to
do the shoot, we only ask that you do the shoot within the 10 day time period given.

The task is to photograph or record models, products or events for advertising purposes.
The purpose of each shoot is to enhance the marketability of the featured product or
person. Your job is to photograph the product and or events in a raw format and deliver it
to us in a hi-res format via our via dropbox or winzip ftp.

As an NMS Photographer it is your job to shoot location and shoot the job within the
time period given on the spec sheet. Each spec sheet comes with a 3 or 4 hour assignment,
which is an hour or so with the model and the rest for your upload time. Whatever you
don't finish we can schedule another shoot 7-10 days out. This gives you time to get us the
images, and us time to give the model a critique.

National Modeling Showcase photographers have the fun task of
photographing/recording events and models for our national shows, promotional shoots, recording interviews and or shooting commercials for us. Your job will be to
produce images that paint a picture, tell a story, or record an event. YOUR THE ARTIST!

We are asking you to create commercial quality photographs or footage, you will need both technical expertise and creativity.
There is no need to edit any of our photos, our editing team will use specialized software
and different methods, to manipulate and enhance the images to create a desired effect. 

A National Modeling Showcase photographer will need a good eyesight, artistic ability,
and good hand-eye coordination. A National Modeling Showcase photographer should be
patient, accurate, and detail-oriented. The ideal photographer/videographer should be able
to work well with others, as frequently deal with clients, graphic designers, or advertising
and publishing specialists.

NMS Photography Staff Job Description 

Skills Needed

Vision –—Artistic vision! A unique perspective with distinctive style. An ability to use
art and media to communicate an intended message.

Communication – Excellent communication skills are essential. These skills will help
maintain client & employee relationships. As a National Modeling Showcase
Photographer, you will work closely with different departments to assure ad
specifications. Good communications skills are necessary to express your own ideas
clearly and effectively. Effective communication skills are also required to make sure you
are meeting established benchmarks.

Technical Skills – NATIONAL MODELING SHOWCASE Photographers are required
to have a certain level of technical skill to operate photography equipment effectively. As
digital technology plays an increasingly important role (from picture-taking to the editing
process), technical skill becomes even more crucial.

For example you as the photographer may enhance the subject’s appearance with natural
or artificial light, use a particular lens depending on the desired range or level of detail, or
draw attention to a particular aspect of the subject by blurring the background.

Thinking Creatively -- Developing, designing a shoot concept may be necessary. We also
want photographers with fresh ideas and suggestions.

Identifying Objects, Actions, and Events -- Identifying information by categorizing,
estimating, recognizing differences or similarities, and detecting changes in
circumstances or events.

Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material -- Inspecting equipment, structures, or
materials to identify the cause of errors or other problems or defects.

Training and Teaching -- We hire awesome models, but even the best model needs
instruction. We ask that you be able to make suggestions to the model on how they can
better do their job. We also ask that you teach the model and or actors how to do a certain
task if they are not knowledgeable, so that the shoot will be a success.

Performing General Physical Activities -- Performing physical activities that require
considerable use of your arms and legs and moving your whole body, such as climbing,
lifting, balancing, walking, stooping, and handling of materials.

Professionalism & Moral Character--Because this job entails photographing male or
female models a great amount of professionalism is necessary to promote a healthy
environment. All of our staff members must adhere to our code of ethics and must
continue to have excellent moral character throughout the remainder of this agreement.

NMS Photography Staff Job Description 

The wage is hourly-and paid upon delivery of images at the end of the week. No later
than 10 days after the shoot, our goal is to clear one spec so that we can move on to the
next. We prefer, PayPal or some quick form of distribution. For billing purposes an
electronic time keeping system is used to track time and task. This rate will be reviewed
and adjusted in 60days.

Depending on experience your starting wage is $20-$25 with no deductions paid via paypal, 
or another quick electronic method.


RATE. This is a contracted work-for-hire position that pays an agreed upon rate for each
time that National Modeling Showcase approves billable services that are rendered.

EXPENSES. The National Modeling Showcase will pay Photographer only for preapproved
expenses incurred while photographer is performing task for the National
Modeling Showcase. National Modeling Showcase will pay pre-approved expenses
necessary to perform a particular job. Mileage is subject to manager approval.

OWNERSHIP. This is a contracted position. National Modeling Showcase and its’
affiliates will have full copyright and ownership of all images taken during the
performance of the contracted duties; this is a work for hire position. Although we own
you may use the images to promote your business, we just ask that you give us credit, and
we will do the same for you.

PROMOTION. Because National Modeling Showcase is a growing brand, if
you wish to feature some of the images on your own page or in your portfolio, with
permission this can be done, but National Modeling Showcase must also receive credit.
Free advertising-For everything that we use that you created, you will receive credit. We
also give you the opportunity to run a free ad in our printed and online magazine.

Our showcases are normally held in studios, and or hotel conference rooms. 
Event days tend to be long and require a couple of shooters, videographer, mua, director 
and other staff. 
We want to assure you that we adjust the rate according the number of participants and how many hours required to shoot and deliver the product. 

Thank you for considering National Modeling Showcase